The Cellar By: Natasha Preston/ Book Review


My stomach dropped as a tall, dark-haired man stepped into view. Had he been hiding between the trees? No.Sorry. “Gulping”. I took a step back.” I’m not Lily”. “I’m Summer”. You have the wrong person. “You utter freak”! I could hear my pulse crashing in my ears. How stupid to give him my real name. He continued to stare at me, smiling. It made me feel sick. “You are Lily”, It made me sick. Before I could blink, he threw his arms forward and grabbed me. I tried to shout, but he clasped his hand over my mouth, muffling my screams. I’m going to die!



Summer gets kidnapped by this guy and puts her into a sound proof cellar, when she looks around she notices three other girls there who he also calls by a flower name “WTF” she thinks what is going on? She is completely freaked out, but the other girls are acting like this is normal cooking, cleaning! Are they brainwashed? What is going on down here? Why are they acting this way instead of trying to escape. Her boyfriend and family are frantic what could have happened to her and nobody saw or heard anything they have no leads at all even police can’t seem to find any evidence. They start a party search, post flyers, and have a tip line going! And the kidnapper is right there beside her boyfriend and family willing to help!!! I’m going to give this book a 3 out of 5 stars, it was a bit slow in some parts, but the last few chapters was pretty good and the ending and outcome was a good plot twist! 




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