The Thing About Love Book One of The Thing About… Trilogy By: JM Raphaelle/ Book Review!



Thank you JM Raphaelle for allowing me to read and review the first book in The Thing About… Trilogy!

About the book - wedding


Ellie Valencja is a broken shell of a women after the man she loves walks out on her without an explanation, a reason or a goodbye. Amidst her confusion and sorrow, she meets the very sexy, successful and charming Jack Milian, who is every girl’s dream. There’s just one major flaw: he’s her ex’s best friend…. Despite destiny’s cruel game. Ellie is determined to find herself again and open her heart to love!

But she must first leave all her fear’s behind…. It’s a task that’s proving hard to do when she doesn’t know how far Jack is willing to fight for her against the innate obstacles that are from falling for your best friend’s ex.

The emotional turmoil and passionate romance that Jack and Ellie find themselves wrapped up in is The Thing About Love….



Ellie is completely heartbroken when her ex Mike broke up with her after three years of dating without any explanation and reason as to why he didn’t want her anymore. He ignores her and walks away every time she tries to approach him to ask why. If it wasn’t for her two best friends Marie and Rob who knows what downward spiral Ellie would be in. Then she meets Jack a sexy, handsome blue-grayed eyed guy, who is genuine and very caring towards Ellie, but only problem is he is Mike’s best friend since childhood “there’s a guy code never date your best friend’s ex’s”. 

It seems like Jack doesn’t seem to care, every time Mike’s around Jack acts like Ellie is just another girl in the crowd and doesn’t pay much attention to her. Which makes Ellie wonder is this even worth another heartbreak since she has falling in love with Jack!?! But then all of a sudden Mike’s coming around and being all nice to Ellie again!

I absolutely loved reading this book, the author made it very easy to fall in love with the character’s and really connect with them on their feelings especially Ellie. I also enjoyed Ellie and Marie’s friendship how Marie sticks by her and what a friend should really be like. This is a romance novel on heartbreak, friendships, love, and finding your true self and learning how to deal with things as they happen to you!  starratingimages

The Thing About Love is a work of fiction inspired by true events of the author !









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