The Glorious Heresies By: Lisa McInerney Book Review



When grandmother Maureen Phelan is surprised in her home by a stranger, she clubs the intruder to death with a souvenir. The consequences of this unplanned murder connect four misfits across Cork, Ireland, each struggling against their meager circumstances. Ryan is a fifteen year old drug dealer desperate not to turn out like his alcoholic father, Tony, whose feud with next door neighbor threatens to ruin his family. Georgie is a sex worker who half-heartedly joins a born-again movement to escape her profession and drug habit. And Jimmy Phelan the most fearsome gangster in the city and Maureen’s estranged son, finds that his mother’s bizarre attempts at redemption threaten his entire organization.

Maureen is surprised by an intruder Robbie and she kills him. Maureen’s character to me seemed like an older lady with spit and fire. She has kindness in her, but also a little bit of bad ass she doesn’t listen to anyone and does as she see’s fit. She takes so things to the extreme but with good intentions! Although she might think there good intentions!

Tony Cusack lost his wife, has six kids, and is an alcoholic with only cares about this next drink that washes away all reality, and takes out most his anger on his son Ryan. He gets mixed up in this thing with old friend Jimmy Phelan, asked him to do as a favor. Not knowing that later down the years it may cause people their lives.

Tara next door neighbor to Tony which they have hate towards each other and have never gotten along cause Tony always though her to be trash. But one night something happened that sent him to jail.

Georgie a young girl who ran away from home and into the life of prostitution and a drug addict. When her boyfriend goes missing she starts looking for him not knowing that he is dead. She then somehow finds herself into this Christian life to try to get reborn, but things don’t go the way she wants since she ended up there by mistake. Will she end up going back into the life she only knows of drugs and selling her body? Or will she accept this new-found faith?

Ryan Cusack a fifteen year old boy whose a drug dealer, and dealing with a father who is an alcoholic and an abuser, getting kicked out of school. Dating Karine who is way out of his league so he once though and losing his virginity. Ryan seemed like a kid who never had no adult guidance and had to grow up fast. He gets himself into some trouble and ends up in prison for some time. Karine sticks by his side until he is released. He then discovers something about her and that leads him to not being able to trusting her. Ryan then finds himself spiraling out of control. Can anyone save him? And give him the guidance he needs.

Jimmy Phelan a gangster and bad-ass with a bad attitude, everyone’s afraid of him. He takes no crap from no one and when he needs a job done or someone killed he knows who to call. He’s know around town as someone noone should mess with and they don’t.

This story is set in present day Cork, Ireland. It did take me awhile to really get into this book I may have been having a reading slump, but once I did get into it I really started to enjoy it. This story is told in fast pace and there is always something going on. There is a lot of swearing and sexual content in this book, but nothing to bad. I enjoyed how each characters story intertwined with each other it is really interesting. I did not like how the book came to an end I still had questions that still needed to be answered. But overall not a bad novel I give it a 3 star.

I received this book from Blogging for Books for this review!

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