The Other Women by: Therese Bohman/ Book Review




She works at Norrkoping Hospital, at the very bottom of the hierarchy: in the cafeteria, below the doctors, the nurses, and the nursing assistants. But she dreams of one day becoming a writer, of moving away and reinventing herself.

Carl Malmberg, an older, married doctor at the hospital, catches her eye. She begins an intense affair with him, though struggling with the knowledge that he may never be hers. At the same time, she realizes that their attraction is governed by their differences in social status. As her doubts increase, the revelation of a secret no one could have predicted forces her to take her destiny in hand.


An unnamed first person narrator dreams of becoming a writer one day. So she works at the hospital in the cafeteria where she prepares food. She then meets Carl a middle-aged handsome married doctor, who she finds attracted and begins fantasies about him. Until one day he gives her a ride home, and that’s where everything begins. Then she meets Alex a girl at a party and they hit it off right away and become fast friends. She begins telling Alex everything about Carl, her feelings for him and their sex life. She begins falling in love, but the only problem is he’s still married! Will he leave his wife for her? Will his wife end up finding out? Then she finds something out about Alex that makes everything a bit more interesting!


I really enjoyed this book especially this mystery narrator. There are no chapters, so it feels like there is never a pause, seems like a long conversation that keeps going and so interesting. It almost feels like she hasn’t found her path in life, she’s lonely, loves her wine, makes mistakes, doesn’t listen to anyone’s advice she pretty much has the “I can do whatever I want to attitude”.


I loved how well written and put together this story line is. The description of feeling, places, and people are so well detailed and described. I almost sympathize with her!

Final Thoughts:

I have never read an affair book like this before especially when the main characters name is never disclosed. I usually won’t like a character who pursues a married man, but I loved her character she’s quirky and confident. I give this book a four star if you like a quick read since this book is less than two hundred pages long very quick but so much detail and still well written. I recommend this book!

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